Teachers interviews 【Me'an編】



Hello, there! Kyoka, here!
Today, I had an interview with Ms. Me’an.
Let’s know something which students do not often hear in their classes.


先生は私の小さい頃からの夢です。私の兄弟姉妹やいとこ、近所の人も先生をしています。しかし、様々な人に出会い、いろいろな経験をしたことで、先生になるという夢を大学では追い求めることはできませんでした。大学卒業後、小さい頃からの夢であるESL(English as a second language)worldを目指すことにしました。講師の経験が浅かったため、リスクは大きく不安なことも多くありましたが、夢を叶えるために努力しました。セブで英語を教えた3年間は、人生で最高の瞬間の一つです。今人生において最高の時を過ごし、私の小さい頃からの夢を実現できているので幸せです。

【Why did you decide for a career in teaching?】

Teaching was a my childhood dream since then.I found myself teaching my younger siblings, cousins, and even my neighbors.However, as I encountered different people and experiences and due to some unexpected circumstances, I wasn’t able to pursue teaching in college.After graduating from university, my destiny brought me to the ESL world, my childhood dream, teaching.In spite of having lack of teaching experiences, I took the risk and faced my fear.My 3 years of teaching in Cebu is probably one of the best moments in life.I consider myself a lucky one for I’m in my position in life where I am having the best time of my life and able to follow my childhood dreams.



【What’s your impression of Japanese students?】

As we know, Japanese people are known for being hardworking, and, I can attest to that. Not only at their field of work but also with their hobbies. They are passionate in everything they do..
However, they are also known for being shy and have difficulties in expressing their true feelings.




【What do you concentrate on when you teach them?】

I know I should think about the students’ level but I think their enjoyment and motivation are my priority. I try my best to let them talk more for 50 minutes than me.



【Message for your students. 】

Remember the 3 P’s (Patience, Persistence, Positive)
This was taught by my professor in college.( Check the meaning of each P and that’s my message for them)