【STAFF紹介/Yucca】 Hello Takamatsu!

香港から来ました! ユッカです!

Hello everyone, I am Yucca from Hong Kong.

I like travelling and meeting new friends from all over the world. To learn more about Japanese culture, I applied for working holiday in Japan.
Indeed this is my first time visiting Takamatsu. It is a lovely city!



It is lucky to work for Mr.Eitaro as a guesthouse helper in Takamatsu. I work four hours a day from Monday to Thursday as a receptionist and often help with the cleaning job.


I am happy to talk in both Japanese and English with the students in Eita Language Shelter. It is also fun to work with other colleagues, this is going to be an amazing experience!

Let’s me share more about my life in Takamatsu next time!